Dr. Azin Fahimi Sienza Energy

Dr. Azin Fahimi

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Azin Fahimi is a nanomaterial scientist with expertise in synthesis and integration of carbon nanomaterials and thin film deposition with application in battery engineering and medicine. Azin has an undergraduate degree in solid-state physics, M.S. in Medical Physics, and received her PhD in nanomaterials from the University of Surrey, UK. After her PhD, Dr. Fahimi spent one year at the University of Surrey as a research scientist to work on a graphene-based transparent touch screen device funded by an industrial partner. In 2014, Dr. Fahimi joined the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and completed her postdoctoral training in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at the Medical Engineering Department. Dr. Fahimi leads the 3D nanostructure and nano coatings development of Sienza’s cutting edge battery technology.

Pasadena, CA