Our mission is to deliver the world’s highest-powered, highest-energy-density rechargeable battery for electric vehicles and consumer electronics while maintaining our commitment to environmental sustainability and profitability for our investors and shareholders.

Dr. Gharib Sienza Energy


“We believe our unique 3D electrode architecture will change lithium battery technology the way the transistor changed vacuum tube electronics. It will enable electric vehicle batteries to be built at half the current cost and provide twice the range for the same size battery.”


Dr. Gharib is the Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Bio-Inspired Engineering at Caltech.


Sienza Energy is an exceptionally-talented, elite team that has rapidly brought new technology from demonstrating concept feasibility to building test cells, exceeding the best production cells—all, remarkably within four years and with less than three million dollars in funding!

We are located in Pasadena California about 2 miles from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where our technology originated and the feasibility first demonstrated. We are a venture-capital-funded company with an aggressive development schedule and timeline to demonstrate a commercial product.


  • Dr. Isabelle Darolles Sienza Energy

    Dr. Isabelle Darolles

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Isabelle Darolles has over 15 years of experience in lithium battery R&D, both in industry and...

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  • Dr. Azin Fahimi Sienza Energy

    Dr. Azin Fahimi

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Azin Fahimi is a nanomaterial scientist with expertise in synthesis and integration of carbon...

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  • Dr. Matthew Tasooji Sienza Energy

    Dr. Matthew Tasooji

    Chief Executive Officer

    Matthew Tasooji joined Sienza as CEO in January 2019 and brings with him his previous experience...

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  • Sean Mendoza Sienza

    Sean Mendoza

    Sr. Engineer, Product Manager

    Sean Mendoza worked at Tesla's Cell Research Lab developing lithium anodes and battery charge protocols...

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  • Shannon Choate Santana Sienza Energy

    Shannon Choate-Santana

    Process and Fabrication Engineer

    Shannon Choate-Santana has years of experience synthesizing organic and inorganic compounds in Biochemistry...

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  • Dr. Gharib

    Dr. Mory Gharib

    Chairman of the Board and Scientific Advisor

    Prof. Mory Gharib has served as the Vice Provost for Research at Caltech, has over 90 US patents,...

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  • Jeff Arias Technical Advisor

    Jeff Arias

    Technical Advisor

    Jeff Arias has 50 years of running new-product development programs, including 16 years at his own...

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  • Tushar Verma - Sienza Energy - Sr. Battery Engineer

    Tushar Verma

    Sr. Battery Engineer

    Tushar has 4 years experience researching electrode and electrolyte materials for lithium batteries....

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  • Cyrus Sobhani - Sienza Energy

    Cyrus Sobhani

    Environmental and Sustainability Engineer

    Cyrus Sobhani is a recent graduate of Drexel University, where he received a B.S. in Environmental...

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  • Rama Ayman Sienza Energy Board

    Rama Ayman

    Board Member

    Rama has over 28 years of experience in corporate finance, capital markets and private equity advisory...

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